9. Su di noi – Sur nous – About us

“The seminar as a whole was characterised by the right mix of the academic and the practical approach, thanks to teachers and professionals of the sector, coming from prestigious institutions such as the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, Lausanne, the European Parliament, Universities from France (Sorbonne, Panthéon-Assas) and Italy (University of Urbino, University of Trento), but also from the English-speaking world, such as Yale Law School and University College Dublin. After the lessons and lectures, we participated in exercises seated at the desks of the Department of Law, enriched by moments of conviviality in the City of Urbino where we visited works of art (this year, for example, the Oratory of St John the Baptist and St Joseph). ” (Efrem Ceccaroli – 2017)

fondato nel 1959 da Enrico Paleari e Germain Brulliard